Executive Search

Executive Search

Businesses today operate in a complex and ever changing environment. It is even more difficult when dealing with talent in a world that is continuously getting smaller via the use of technology. The ability of a business to find, retain and train its human capital can determine its success or failure. This is especially important for subsidiaries or branches of multinationals that are set-up in a new location.

Executive Resources facilitates in managing this core function by providing a link between Employers and Candidates in both their search for what is best for them. We apply a highly disciplined and rigorous process in our engagements in order to achieve a perfect match.

Executive Resources Partner

With Executive Resources as your partner for your search for Talent you will:

  • have access to a talent pool of suitable candidates

filling an open position in the shortest time is critical to any organisation in order to minimise disruptions. Time spent on obtaining the shortlist of candidates can be minimised with our database of available candidates.

  • achieve your search for talent in cost effective manner

Selection via our database provides savings that are often overlooked or under-recognised.

  • retain anonymity and maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive appointments

In situations where you want to remain anonymous in your positions or when you are placing a sensitive appointment, our services will provide the perfect platform for achieving your goal.

  • dedicated consultant in handling your assignment

a dedicated consultant will be assigned throughout the term of your engagement ensuring continuous service.